How I analyze your Business


” To Find The Hidden And Under Utilized Assets

in Your Business, I First Understand Your Existing
Business Properly.
How “You” Do it, What “You” Do. “


Please Answer The Following questions for me to Understand Your Business Setup, so that i can analyze your present situation.


( Approx Time you will spend for answering – 8 Mins)
Take your own time Though.

  1.  Your Business Name , Place, Year Of Inception / Start.
  2.  Your Business Line – Products or services You sell.
  3.  Any Other Business Lines ( Family Businesses etc)
  4.  Approx Yearly Turnover and Approx profits Now. and Last 3 years Info of same if possible.
  5.  No of Customers You serve.
    ( This question is a little tricky. If you own a Grocery Shop, you need to tell how many house hold buy from you. If your Shop/ Business is Purely one time , like a Hotel/restaurant on a highway, where you can’t predict how many customers you have, and it depends on everyday No’s, Then tell us , How many customers are regulars( with Frequency) or Daily or monthly No of Customers or Invoices you raise.)
    ex. Say You have a Small Business of Automobile Service.
    Then Do you know how many cars you service and Customers you service or sell in a month, year?
    How many customers You have ?
  6. Area of Business Operation. Your Customers come from where? is it only local society or colony?or customers come from far off? How far ? can you roughly say the Radius of Area?
  7. Who are Your Main , Top 3 Competitors? How Big are they in terms of Size, and Turn Over?Please mention if You are authorised to any Specific Company. Like Maruti Authorised Service centre or a Company Showroom.
  8. How Many staff members You have and what they do? any family members Involved in Business?
  9. What Do you use for Accounting, Inventory or Book keeping of Business? Example, Do you use Tally for Accounts, or any other System, Software ? How do you keep track of Business You do?
  10. What do You expect your business should do for youHow much turn Over? How Much Profits?
    This is very Important question you need to think and answer. What is that you want at the end of the Consultation, the End Results, The Outcome expected, The Output. So that we know, if we achieve that Target, we will say, we have been successful.
  11. What are you ready to do for Increasing the business?
    In Terms of Time, Efforts, Money Investment.Are you ready to work for more no of Hours? are you ready to keep your Shop open for More time If required?are You ready to extend times of operation? Or shift? are you ready to add people, if Business Increases?are you ready to learn more efficient process? Are you ready to Adapt and make few changes?

“More Business Profits does not neccessarily always mean More work”

“You can’t expect different results, if you keep doing the same things as past. However, if you are expecting Better or different results by doing same things as previously, then that may not happen except for seasonal changes and technology change.
You will have to do something Different or better or more effectiently to get Different results”

” Working smarter, with Proper optimised Systems, process and Methods will turn your Business into a Money Making Non-stop Machine”

What will i do with this information?

I will analyze this Information you give me.
I may ask you few more questions.
I will find out the Harmfull mistakes and Loss making errors from your operations of Business.
I will Identify the Hidden assets, which you already have in your Business.
I will discuss with you the learnings and findings from Your Business.
I will suggest the Top 3-4 Improvements, changes on Methods and Processes.
I may suggest few Ideas which are mutually agreeable and Feasible.I will tell You How to Implement those ” In the Sequence in Step by Step exact way”
I will Fine tune your Methods depending on the results of Our first Implementation.

Then Hand over the complete “system” of business operation
“Profitable Business Operating System” ” P-BOS” for Your Business

The P-BOS consists Modules on..

Existing Mistakes to Avoid ( Marketing and Management Mistakes)
Measuring and Managing Facts and Figures
Finding Hiddent assests and Resources
Differentiating Your Business From Others
Improving Marketing and advertising Effectiveness
Implementation For Improvements
Step By step Modules
Future Planing on Implementations

and more…..

– Jayant Hudar