Services offered


Internet Business Services


“If You want Your business to make Money on the Internet, I will help you achieve that in the least possible time” – Jayant Hudar

Services Offered:

* Develop a Complete Internet Marketing Strategy
* Competitors analysis and Study of their Strategies.
* Website development and Implementation.
* Complete Business Integration online.
* Website analysis and Optimization.
* Keyword research
* Marketing Campaigns – Email, PPC, Affiliates
* SEO optimization
* Qualified Lead generation Tactics
* Lead Conversion Methods
* Payment Gateway Integration.
* Software Program development.

There are thousands of website developers who can make beautiful websites for you, not many will tell you how to actually make money from your website. I can do it for you.Period.

If you want to Launch or Promote your Product or service.
Build a web based business.
Sell your product or service all over the world.

I will help you achieve your goals.

Business on internet = Lead generation
+ Lead Conversion
+ Sale+ Back End Sales

Software development or website development are completely different than Internet marketing. People confuse between these two. they think that once they have spend thousands on a beautiful looking website the job is done, they expect people to find their website from the millions of websites and trillions of pages.

“Internet Marketing is a specialized skill. Not everybody is equipped to Develop a Complete Business marketing strategy.”


Marketing Strategy Implementation Process

1. Understand Your business and your requirements
2. Analyze Your existing marketing and advertising
3. Analyze and quanitify the results.
4. Find the ROI ( Return on Investment)
5. Understand Your Expected Results
6. Define all Your expected Outcomes
7. Redesign, Redefine Your Marketing strategy for online Presence
8. Complete Process Planning
9. Designing Back End process and handling.
10. Website Modifications and Implementation.
11. Budgeting the Complete solution for long term success.
12. Test the Marketing campaigns and methods.
13. Fine tune for better and higher performance.

Points 1 – 6 take approx 8 hours.
point 7-12 takes anywhere from 1 week to 8 weeks depending on work.
Point 13 is a on going process.

Objective Results:

1. I will find out what your top 10 competitors are doing to be on the top.
2. I will give you a exact report how competitors get business.
3. We decide on our strategy and long and short term goals.
4. Implement the Strategies and tactics to achive the Objectives.

6 Levels of Consultancy

1. SEO Optimization and website analysis.
2. Copy writing (sales page and Sales system design.)
3. Email Marketing and automization ( Followup and ongoing)
4. Lead generation and conversion Process.( PPC, SEO etc)
5. Complete Business Marketing strategy ( Includes all above and more)

other services including, website submission, domain booking, webspace, backup, emails solutions, product packaging, presentation and over all website redesigning and makeover etc.


Most Popular Service for Individual People and
Small Businesses


6. Your Existing Website Mistakes and Suggestions ( Website Analysis)
* Find whats Wrong with your website.
* Definite steps to correct the Mistakes
* What Potential, Options You Have for making Money
* Revenue Model , which will work for you.
* Find Out If what You are doing is in Right Direction or not.
* Overall Strategy for Your Website.

A  2-3 Page Report will be given to You for your existing website.
then you can give this Very Valuable feedback to your Web designer to
make changes. This One Feedback might actually tell You, is it worth
doing the Business or No. Why you are not making as much money and
profits as you would like to?


** Please Note –
I do not implement the changes for your website. I will give you a Feedback, which you will have to get Implemented yourself or from your Webmaster.

If You want me to Study Your Website, Please Send in The Cheque / Cash/ D.D
or pay by credit card. I will Comment study Your website Only after the payment has been done.

** Note**

I prefer working with companies who have their own website development team.
In-house or Outsourced. I undertake Projects and ongoing consultancy Jobs.

Contact for any questions or more info –

Jayant Hudar
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