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  1. Is it true that You can make money using Internet?
    Why people don’t use Internet to do Business?
    What about the money people have lost on Internet?
    The conventional methods of marketing have lost the effectiveness.
    Success Stories. Methods and Ways. How I did it? My Story.
  2. Why its a Must to be Online? Statistics worldwide and India.
    Is it Really difficult to do Business Online?
  3. Two Types of People Who benefit most. In which category are you? ( Most of You are in these two Category )
  4. Business Owners Some People have a website since past many years But NO USE, No Money. what is Missing? 7 Myths about Internet marketing.
  5. Why business Fail? Is your Business Going to fail?
  6. Own product Selling, services.
  7. 2 things you absolute know in your Business. You are playing blind if you don’t know these.
  8. Is your Business Local or Global? Where are your customers coming from?
  9. Can you actually use Internet to grow your business? Local Business Marketing.
  10. How to actually get leads and customers for your Business?
  11. What if you don’t know anything about Internet marketing ? and You don’t want to know?
  12. How much time and Money does it take? Can YOU do it now? At this AGE?
  13. How to go about ? next steps for People who have a Website, who don’t have a website, and for people who don’t have any IDEA whatsoever?
  14. What is your Competition doing? Components of Good Web Business.
  15. ******* Process of Online Marketing *********
  16. Step by Step process of Going Online.
  17. Generating leads for your existing offline Business
  18. How to get your Websites Built very cheap.
  19. What all should be inside your website? Without which Your website is Useless.
  20. How to make real money using internet in your existing business.?
  21. 4 Ways to make money online.  All you need to know.
  22. How to know what your competitors are doing? How they are making money?
  23. How to know if your product has any demand in your area?
  24. How to know which area has demand for your existing product. ?
  25. Find where the market is going? The trend from past , present  and future.
  26. Ways other People are making Money Online : Case studies.
  27. Open session. Questions and answers.

Note: All this and Much more will be covered as People will actively participate in the seminar.


Seminar Venue and Time: To be announced

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Fee Investment: Rs 5000 only.
First VIP ROW  Rs 7000 Only  – limited Seats.

Registration Confirmation on Payment.

Payment by : Cash/ Chq/ Bank Deposits. ( Please ask)

Hurry .. Limited Seats Only.

 Seminar is for :
 Anybody who is interested in Making money on Internet.
The Scientific way to make money online.
Anybody who has simple internet skills are email checking, and
english reading ability can attend and benefit from the same.

Please Note:
We do not teach any MLM or Network marketing techniques.
No Scams and Click to email or ads.   We do not advice them to anybody.

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