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The Ultimate Business Growth Formula

December 25, 2018
Ignite Your Life
July 6, 2016

IThe Ultimate Business Growth Formula - By Jayant Hudar

T he Ultimate Business Growth Formula teaches business owners how to adapt the formula to any kind of Business and market. The formula presents a strategized, step-by- step transformative approach that works seamlessly for any business. Discover in this book the 5 key components which are the foundational cornerstone of your business yet missing from almost every Business – whether new or established, large or small, online or offline or a traditional brick and mortar – independent of what product of service you sell. The book also highlights the 9 core elements, termed as the DNA of marketing. When you discover these core elements, you will realize why your marketing isn’t working as expected and when you use them, you get great results. This breakthrough formula yields quick results with “little or no cost”.
Jayant Hudar has put his expertise into this new book that not only discusses the business growth formula, but a plethora of strategies and tactics for immense business growth in a short time frame (as short as the same day) to see dramatic results.

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